Science, Yog, Energy and Shiv – a thought


I will just let my imagination roam free into the thoughts of eternity.


Let’s consider mass-energy equivalence. Our Physics have come to a stand still. Nothing major breakthrough like einstein these days. We have reached an era that an assumption mere could kill the science we live in.

So let’s go back to Hata Yoga. Let’s go back to meditation. If matter can be converted into energy. A nucleus can generate an enormous amount of energies through fission. Also if everything is concentrated at one place in a tiny small dot big bang occurs we have been told. What is meditation? A way to concentrate the energy inside you. And energy is always conserved in this form that form. There are so many forms. Some we know some we don’t. Time is man-made. Mass is relativistic. Your existence is a myth.


Now we have 7 chakras for meditation. Each chakra tries to concentrate the energy inside your body of a particular area. They say you attain moksha when you can lit all your chakras at once. There are various steps of activating different chakras I am not getting into that here. The seventh chakra or Sahasrara is the crown chakra. When this is lit along with all other chakras, the state of extreme divinity or moksha is attained.


Now if there was a big bang and everything was inside a dot. Why can’t there be smaller big bangs like the soul in your body? Why can’t when our ancestors lit all chakras they were actually doing a mass-energy conversion? Why einstein has to be right and Vedas don’t? When all chakras are lit a human constricts into a most concentrated form of energy called soul the power house or the life giver. Why can’t this be a possibility? Our body is a house of so many good/bad bacteria viruses fungi and other microorganisms. Why can’t we be their big bang?


Whenever you are in an interesting talk or with a person you love time flies faster. a person struck in a lift. Time is slower. However, IST in his watch doesn’t. Why we have neglected emotion as a dimension? Why nobody thought of measuring emotion inside a person.


Maybe we lost the knowledge and ability to transform and convert ourselves into different forms of energy. Why do we not consider dream as a dimension? Maybe we did it better 1000 years back. Maybe chamatkar was all science. Maybe Einstein of that era were a Yogi. Or an Adi Yogi Shiv. You cannot neglect it. No. You are so much into material dimensions X Y and Z that you can’t see beyond you. When they say god is within you why do we not believe it? Maybe when the human body is unable to power any chakra it loses all its energy. A person dies. That Energy is spread all over the universe.

Now that can combine with like energies and take a shape of a smaller big bang. Maybe say a dog. Lesser energy than a human. A man died, part of it is used to make a dog. Different organisms mate differently. Maybe it is matching of two like energies in to one like energy or more than one like energies. Thus not denying the theory of PunarJanm. Hybrids are indeed formed when different energies mate each other.

Why don’t we study why mating of two stupid people always gives a stupid person. And mating of two intelligent people always gives an intelligent person. When a person has so many children not all turn out to be bright. So better the sex, when he/she is born, healthier is the person. Why don’t we ponder on it? So sex is also important. Hence, different positions of Kamasutra.


Maybe mating of different forms of energies is difficult and there is a separate procedure unknown to man.


So if my theory proves correct everything is a form of energy. Mass is a myth. Time is a myth. Matter is a myth. We are a myth. You are a myth. The whole existence is a sham. A conspiracy to keep you in illusion. Maybe our vedas were right. May be in those days there were people more advanced than us. Maybe we indeed had gods and goddesses as humans who could harness their energies better. Maybe OM indeed had a special significance. It still relaxes your mind as if your brain vibrates with you when you chant OM. Maybe religion was science once. Maybe less life could handle more energy then than more life distributed among the lesser energy now. Maybe this keeps changing. Maybe different Yugas are also part of this procedure. Maybe everyone is right and everyone is wrong. Or may be a future me is an evil bacteria in somebody’s body. The point is science doesn’t have an answer.

Yog is an advanced version of Science. And The Adi Yogi or the first Yogi Shiv was the father of that science. He could control what no one can, his own mind. He could do what no one can, convert matter in to energy. There had been a day in a life of humanity when that super-human concentrated all the energy in the universe in to a very large big bang. His third eye is the crown chakra. And when that energy exploded it became source for birth of many life forms. Maybe there is shiv in all of us.

When you let your mind run wild, ultimately reality is the one which will be imaginary.

On this day of Maha Shivaratri lets embrace the spirituality within us. Let’s embrace our strength Hata Yog. Let’s be calm and meditate. Adi Yogi or the first Yogi Shiv is the state of extreme metastability. The source of bigbang. The devo ke dev Mahadev. Let’s not be victim to emotions ( a state of instability ). Beginning begins with Shiv, Ending ends with Shiv. Love for angels and demons alike. Good and bad both gets absorbed into Shiv. Shiv shlokas has an indefinite meta ambience a meta literature where all alankars and figures of speech of different languages vibrate together. Let’s be a human shiv wanted us to be. Let’s spread peace in and around you. And there is no discrimination. Shiv doesn’t discriminate a life on basis of caste creed, community, religion or ethnicity. A bit of Shiv is in each and everyone of us. You can be Shiv. I can be Shiv. Har Har Mahadev. Everyone is Mahadev. ||ॐ नमः शिवाय||