Why Indian singers are not as famous as Western singers?


A question which always pops up in our mind is that – Why Indian singers are not as famous as Western singers? Well, there are two-three factors which affect their popularity .

No doubt Indian singers have brought a revolution to the music industry . But the sole reason their music become popular is due to Bollywood background. Indian singers’ music is confined to movies only . On the scale of 10, 8 singers give playback music to actors and actresses and do not release their own album. Whenever a song comes in the market it is widely admired due to its Bollywood touch. Whereas Western singers like Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift, etc. not only sing but also act in their songs. They also write their own lyrics or sometimes compose music too.

That doesn’t mean that Indian singers aren’t multitalented. They too are multitalented. Singers like Ayushman Khurana, Sanam Puri, Vishal Dadlani act in their albums too. But again they only target Indian audience and thus their music is captivated to Indian fans only..

Several western bands like The Chainsmokers, One direction etc. gained world wide popularity of their work as they targeted audience on the international level. Indian bands are not that popular as people here now have become used to music with the “tadka of bollywood”. They like to spend money on movies over live concerts. Though concerts too gain popularity here, but on a small scale.

Another major factor affecting it is the language used. Western bands and singers use English language in their songs while here singers use Hindi which again aim at Indians only. This language factor was proved when Priyanka Chopra collaborated with Will.I.am and released her first album IN MY CITY which gained international popularity as it was featured in English. Also one of the versatile singers and composers of the duo Vishal-Shekhar, Vishal Dadlani in one of his interviews said that Indians are accustomed to Hindi pop songs. That is why Indian singers are not worldwide popular.

We cannot overlook classical music which gained popularity and name of the great Ravi Shankar is still recognised across the globe. And how can we forget A.R. RAHMAN’S contribution who has brought OSCAR to his name which is itself reputable internationally. We get beaten due to use of Hindi and other regional languages which reaches out to a limited audience. Else Hollywood movies too get inspired by Rahman’s music. His works can be seen in the movie “Lord of War” which was taken from the iconic movie “Bombay ”. Thus, A. R. Rahman became the first composer to make an appeal of his music on a global scale.

All in all Indian musicians and singers do gain popularity like Western singers but it is not counted as a glamorous affair. Their promotion skills are not on a large scale and this is how it remains unnoticed.

But never mind, real fans will anyhow follow them and their work. ✌