Old and new songs have been compared since long but


Among many comparisons and contrasts till date, one difference we come up with is comparison between songs. Old and new songs have been compared since long but at last it is always concluded that – “Every generation’s taste has their own significance”.

With advancing technology, our music industry is also advancing with the musical instruments used. Use of electronic guitars, auto tuners, synthesizers and other instruments and techniques has almost brought a revolution to the industry but somewhere has resulted in losing its melody. On the other hand, the “oldies” define the correct perception of pleasant musical pattern. The singers in old times had to give their best in just one take. Then too they managed to give us best music of their time. No doubt today’s music composition too is heart-melting but whenever it comes to “ANTAKSHRI” we generally sing oldies. Isn’t it? On the contrary, for hitting the dance floor, the new sensational songs are in our hit list .😉
Secondly, oldies accentuate the feelings formally when it comes to making sense. They have meaningful lyrics whereas new ones lack refinement. They somewhat sound meaningless and use of coarse grammar and cuss words are generally on the priority list. This is resulting in deterioration of true music. Today’s generation feel that the old songs are outdated and a bit of exaggeration of emotions is there in them. But composers still are revisiting them though they change the lyrics. If today’s music has beats, the music of past had melody. As admitted, composers are working hard to show their real talent but rather than releasing more number of songs, quality should be worked upon which is going downhill.

This comparison is purely opinionated. Everyone has different taste and choices. But if you follow any one of the generations, give a second thought to the other one for sure.