South Asia’s Biggest Ro-Ro ferry in Gujarat – Know about it.

Ro-Ro ferry


As evidently showcased in the popular game, “Clash Of Clans”, the more connected your nation is the chances of survival and prospering as a group is higher.

Ro-Ro ferry, or the Roll-On and Roll-Off ferry, is the latest upgrade in showcasing India’s prowess at the global forum. The Jetty which was recently inaugurated by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on the 22nd of October 2017 is a major achievement in addressing one of the oldest problems faced by traders and businessmen of Gujarat.

The Ro-Ro ferry, which connects Dahej (Near Bharuch, Gujarat) and Ghogha (Near Bhavnagar, Gujarat) via a 35 km long sea route has efficiently shortened the traditional way to commute and has reduced the distance by 320 km. Needless to say, the time of travel is reduced from 8 hours previously to just 1 hour using the ferry. The 614 Cr project is estimated to be able to carry 100 people and 250 vehicles and is one of the biggest projects in South Asia. This is not only a moment of extreme pride, for the Indians all over the world, but also strengthens India’s position in the Global Sphere and boosts our intention to be the biggest and fastest growing nation in Asia.

Amidst the high profile elections and one of the most debated topics at present in the nation, Modi has played his Ace card just at the right time. The shrewd politician knows how to woo people and sweep the sentiments of the mass in his favor by using the classic marketing tactic of “Jo dikhta hai, wo bikta hai”. Narendra Modi has a long-standing image of the development harbinger in many parts of the nation, and this inauguration has strengthened the claim.

So, next time if you plan to play “Clash of Clans” with Modi, bring on your best game, because you’re dealing with a pro.