The battle of ideologies: between Hitler and Stalin – Part 2


In the world, we see today the general civilization has approved a few kinds of political ideologies among which the most prominent are a democracy, communism and constitutional monarchy. The ideologies not only have controlled the whole human civilization but also the whole world. Each and everything that is happening in today world is controlled by these ideologies. Many have failed to understand what these ideologies want to achieve but still, these have been revered as very significant and remarkable. May the world become a pile of garbage but people have held ideologies as the primary things in their lives. So not only the ideologies have become a basic amenity these also have occupied the place of our ways of life.

Democracy is one of oldest political ideologies. In fact, it is probably the oldest among those which are being practiced in today’s world. Democracy arose from people’s fear, people’s privacies. It led those who believe everyone is capable of ruling themselves and the ruling should not be given to a certain group of people. People joined hands together for the same social values. They protested over rights, beliefs, and ways of life. The anger grew monarchy tried its best to kill all those who protested against it. People fought for democracy. They gave their lives, their generations, and their entire futures to feel the rights they deserved. Monarchy crumbled it could not compete with the great idea. Democracy rose its values stood for people gave them what they wanted gave them a future, kept them safe and thus the world changed from being an oppressed one to one who blossomed like a flower in the winter.

Later democracy grew. Its values grew even further. It stood for all discarding races, classes, gender or stature. Democracy saw the involvement people advanced into their lives. It took humanity to a whole new level. The former bloodshed, vengeance, massacres all got reduced in larger numbers. In today’s world democracy has been further divided into 2 kinds of ideologies which are liberalism and conservatism. These two not only define the political sections in democratic countries they also define the ways of people’s lives. In general, liberalism takes the whole world as one single open environment where each and every single individual to have their rights to do various actions which do not violate the order of the democracy. Whereas conservatism takes the idea of every single individual being different from one another in cultural and demographical orders should retain their traditional value and lives. Over the years these two ideologies have polished the democratic choices people have and fought for individual preferences.

But in some parts of the world, the message democracy had did not get received very well. People could not understand the idea of rights because they oppressed way more than what right could give them. They wanted justice which should have been given to them a long time ago. The quest for justice led to the idea of communism. It rose out of people’s anger, their pain and their sufferings. They wanted a system which could promise them justice they deserved. It rose even further. People wanted everybody to be treated equally. They got what they wanted but it did not last long.

After some time the equality seemed unequal people considered more or less different than the other they were referring to. The system they were supporting became more and more corrupt. It could not give what was expected out of it. The centralization of power became an even bigger issue. The philosophers who backed communism defined communism in their own words which made the division among the idea itself. And thus over the years communism from a being a great message succumbed to just a theory of some book. People avoided it. People rejected it. The west never even accepted it even as an experimental system. More deaths followed, more pain and suffering followed. Thus after some decades of its rise, it broke down.

In today’s world communism has been rejected by almost all the countries. A few countries accept it as a form of governance. So to accommodate the idea into a broader mass it also has changed itself into an open phenomenon called socialism. Socialism has favored communism with its ideologies at the same time it also has focused on things communism left out.

Towards the dawn of the twentieth century, the monarchs in power realized their abilities and inabilities. They expected a mass outrage against the monarchy which could take away their power and give them the nothing but punishment and release of their comforts. These kingdoms while retaining the absolute powers gave the people a choice of having a sense of self-rule. They allowed their citizens to participate in a process which will enable them of enjoying their rights. Over the years not much has changed in these kingdoms and they still hold onto the same forms of governments.

Since communism lost the grip over people’s confidence democracy took the toll. It held people together and gave them the hope of establishing their ways of life. That is one of the reasons why communism failed in so many countries. Communism thought it was fighting for everyone because everybody was oppressed in some way or the other. But a common logic is u can’t fight for someone who is not willing to fight. The reality check took its course and communism became a symbolism for violence and oppression. The idea which rose to eradicate oppression itself became a way of oppression. That’s when democracy became the sole back up for every problem. It showed the way to achieve what everyone wished.

In today’s world communism is generally termed as a leftist ideology or left inclined ideology. The world may have discarded it but it has left its imprint on thousands of people. Notable scholars, students, politicians still show left inclined behavior and approach in their personal and political lives. Even some parts of the world a democratic form of communism is preferred for governance.