The battle of ideologies: between Hitler and Stalin Part – 3


Democracy is not an innocent child either. It also over the course of time adopted the leftist interpretation of governance. Now liberalism and conservatism have their own ideas of governance but the leftist impact clearly makes them different. Over the years democracy divided itself between conservatism and liberalism to establish its open face to the world. So this has changed the stances liberalism and conservatism used to take. Conservatism rose as a solution to people’s affection to traditional ways of life. It took its time to express the idea that all though everyone deserves the chance to be free this cannot happen altogether at a single place and regions have to define how they want to change over the years. At the same time, liberalism grew as a podium for the people who wanted a token of freedom. It gave them the opportunity to express themselves. It stood for people irrespective of their race, gender, color and stature. Obviously, not all the people could accept these ideologies altogether. So they took their turns to consider them on either side of the line.

By the course of time, conservatism and liberalism became opposing ideas to one another in terms of political and social governance. While one tried to make everyone one large family the other considered being separate with proper ways can be the best for all. But is that what is the world facing right now? No. over the years while liberalism has inclined more towards leftist ideas conservatism also has failed to cooperate with liberalism. This is sad truth today. While each one has tried it’s best to seize power for as long as possible the real issue is lost. That is why the title of this topic is the battle between ideologies. Instead of fighting for people all these have done is a fight among them.

Liberalism which once gave people a new hope to survive and live has now just become greedy. The hunger for power has made it a new repulsive force in today’s world. It now does not care for the values people live with, neither does it care whether a culture matters or not. All that it now sees is that everyone is conservative. At the same time with a fiery repulsion from liberalism, conservatism has made sure liberalism should not be made a preference at all. It has taken the way of thinking a few centuries back. The patches of ignorance, hatred, opposition to free speech are some of the finest examples of these two ideologies not working together.

Then again while the finest of ideas have faced the ultimatums how these poor things could have resisted. Communism which once stood for people has now become a symbol of violence. It has killed more people than it has saved. More people have faced poverty while accepting communism. All together it could face the reality that was needed and thus it almost facing extinction in today’s world. But still, it continues its war against all the other ideas which also has become a matter of serious consequences. Communism nowadays has represented itself as an anti-national element for most nations.

Examples of Stalin and Lenin could definitely be taken to show how great leaders have disappointed masses on a larger scale. At the same time, pluralistic societies like India and the South Asian subcontinent has seen mass murders, oppression, violence through communism. On the other hand, the dangers of democracy can’t be forgotten either. Countries which have become more conservative have given rise to fascist and hatred regimes. These have impacted hugely on the demographic and geographical scale on those nations. Taking an example we can definitely realize how the rise of Adolf Hitler occurred and how Jews which were already minorities in Europe were subjected to the highest form of elimination from the earth. The killing of minorities in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Bangladesh also are some of the examples of fascist regimes. These regimes have killed millions of minorities across the world which can be seen through mass murders, planned executions, hatred for Jews, forced exodus etc. Conservatism has failed to stop these inhumane activities happening for quite some time in the name of democracy.

On the other hand liberalism is has equal blood on its hand. In the name of democracy, it has initiated some of the most important proxy wars which have given rise to numerous conflicts. The Afghan war, the Iraq war the many African civil wars are the prime examples. These not only have created many hostile situations throughout the globe but also have caused many deaths in the forms of plane crashes, mass shootings, series bombings etc. in other words ideologies have exploited the people as much as they can and this caused these many numbers of disturbances.

In simple words, people have not failed the ideologies but the ideologies have themselves failed the people who upheld these for this long. Barrack Hussein Obama when became president of the united states promised the voters to end the Iraqi and Afghani war but that promise totally went in vain as neither those wars came to a very good ending a new bulky force by the name Islamic states rose to create even more destruction than they had expected.

We live in a world where we teach our kids to live happily and live a very good life but when it comes to making it realize everyone wants their shares of cake from the cake of power. Power is one of the most addictive things that have ever existed. It is more powerful than all the drugs combined and gives great pleasure. But we should never forget that power also is self-destructive in nature. a little more than what is needed always results in something very poisonous and destructive. So we all have to realize the lie within us to make this problem simpler and go on to live a prosperous life.

Hitler who led a very conservative idea killed millions of people. His fascist ideas came from the same democratic process that everyone came from. Stalin too killed millions of people. He came from a communist ideology. Liberalism also has killed millions in the Middle Eastern civil wars. The ideologies which rose from ashes of failing monarchies to help people now they themselves have become the failing piles of ashes. In amidst of searching the stars we have lost the moon that was right in front of us. The greed, hunger and the thirst for power have made them blind. At the same time, every human who now wishes to live a prosperous life is suffering because of one idea or the other. What difference does it make? Whether one is following one idea or the other, at the end everyone is suffering from a similar condition. This condition is deemed to be taken the form of the transferable disease and the one with no cure.

The forest area is decreasing; animals other than humans are becoming rare each and every day. Minerals are being exploited decreasing the natural beauty of a geographical area. No one seems to care about that. Definitely, none of the ideologies speak of saving the earth. They have poisoned themselves. It seems the end is near. Hope the day will come human will get to live his life by taking care of him and his surrounding which contributes even a great deal to his life than he can ever find out.