The CM Kejriwal- A Pandora’s box


The Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is amidst another ruckus when on late Sunday morning, his ex-minister Kapil Mishra decided to choose morality over the  party president and approached the LG of Delhi to expose the CM and thus putting a hallmark to the various suspicions of personal corruption and misuse of power floating midst the air against Arvind Kejriwal. After losing the Delhi MCD elections, the situtation for Aam Admi Party turned into a double whammy after facing the corruption charges.

Kapil Mishra, though unwilling to release the facts and proofs to media did accept that he saw the Delhi Government Cabinet Minister Satyendra Jain handing over money to Arvind Kejriwal at his official residence. Exchanging cash is not a crime but what makes the matter interesting is that no transaction is carried out in cash for any government work. The total cash which happens to be a whopping two crore most likely seemes to be a work of excellent corruption, Kapil Mishra said. Disgusted of what he has seen, his last night turned to be a sleepless one and overloaded with the guilty of being a member of party headed by a person who keeps such a large distance between his promises and actions, he decided to make the matter public. He said that he never imagined Kejriwal being corrupt. He also said that his sacking after this step to publicise Kejriwal’s hypocrisy was apparent. Later he visited the Rajghat, Samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, the epitome of truth and peace.

The Deputy CM Manish Sisodia, in a press conference straight off dumped the charges claiming that it lacks verisimilitude and nitty-gritty. He very nicely got away without facing any questions or counter arguments which enhances  the doubts over AAP’s credibility. Yogendra Yadav also disagreed with the accusations and said that it could only be believed when equipped with solid evidences. Kumar Vishwas, who’s enjoying his recent upsurge in the party reacted to the allegation by saying that he cannot imagine Kejriwal to take bribe who’s been fighting against corruption all his life. Vishwas and Mishra are close friends and both appear to be poles apart on this issue which makes the matter even more complicated.

The BJP and Congress coming out clear asked for the resignation of the CM who himself used to ask for resignations for even the tiniest of charges. Anna Hazare had a word with the media and said that he’s very dissapointed with the charges against Kejriwal, if true. The Congress workers also carried out a protest outside Arvind Kejriwal’s house ending a day which must have been a ‘long’ one for him.

Arvind Kejriwal is again not ready to be confronted by the media and has been trying to dodge it in every possible way. Meanwhile, Satayendra Jain was sighted in the CM’s house perhaps having a talk with him regarding this political tremor.

Arvind Kejriwal was an activist before becoming a politician. He was a prominent figure in India Against Corruption with Anna Hazare as its prime face. He held the CM post for 49 days before resigning because of the lack of support from political parties to pass the Lokayukta Bill which was his prime agenda. He later again took oath as the CM when his party got a clear mandate in the 2015 Vidhan Sabha elections.

Out of the seven ministers who took oath, six have been accused of corruption in the two years of the Delhi Government and now even the CM could not save himself from these charges.

It does seem legit to ask for the resignation of the CM, who happens to be the founder of party which was formed solely to counter corruption and provide swaraj. The recent defeats in two states and MCD polls led to the AAP pulling out of the upcoming Gujarat elections. The accusations against AAP have now become a daily routine. Arvind Kejriwal should come out and prove his plausibility otherwise his fall looks very much pronounced.