The Uttar Pradesh Muscles

Uttar Pradesh

The scoreline reads 3:2 in favor of congress but the celebration pattern is different. Everyone enjoying the saffron holi this time. Uttar Pradesh victory has made Punjab and Goa debacles burkhaclad. The question is obvious about the muscular might of UP in a national arena.

History says, UP has given 9 out of 14 Prime Ministers to the country with the likes of Nehru, Shastri, Indira, Rajiv, Vajpayee, V P Singh, Charan Singh, Chandrashekhar. Narendra Bhai Modi too is officially “UP wale bhaiya”. The expressway to central throne goes from UP. It has the highest representation in Lok Sabha, a whopping 80 seats, almost half is with the second highest Maharashtra at 48 seats. 80 out of 543 turns out to be 14.73%. Quota in Rajya Sabha is 31 out of present 245 (or 233, which are elected from state assemblies) which again is far ahead of the second ranked Maharashtra with 19 seats. So, from about 14% representation in Parliament, NDA is at 73/80 and 3/31 currently which is set to boom to relieve govt woes in Upper house. Though only 10 Rajya Sabha seats are up for grabs before 2019 general elections, but on a long-term, it will extend current NDA tally of 74 (BJP 56) to three figures in Rajya Sabha.

Geography also reflects its stature. Sorry, Brazil ! UP is the fifth most populous country in the world. It’s neighbors in rankings viz. Indonesia and Brazil have been divided into 34 and 26 states respectively. With a population of 199,281,477 (16.49%) and area of 240928 square kilometers (7.32%), national rankings make it most populous and fourth-largest state. However, the demand for fragmentation into 4 states of Harit Pradesh (western), Bundelkhand (southwest along with parts of MP), Awadh (central) and Purwanchal (eastern) has been escalated with Mayawati bringing the resolution in the state assembly in 2011. Quoting Ajit Singh of RLD, western UP contributes to 72% of state’s total income and in turn, gets only 18% of the budget for its development. The diverse local issues have always led to non-uniformity in political tactics and for the first time, a non-congress think tank has won everyone (despite not giving green tickets).

Coming to the economic aspects, UP is the third largest economy with GDP of $ 184 billion (as of 2016) but its population makes it second poorest state in the country on the per-capita income basis. Kudos to various agencies for caste calculations, but the Garib Janta has been pegged at 29.43% and 39.8% by Tendulkar committee and Rangarajan committee respectively in 2011-12 who stares at both govt for their welfare. One of the largest suppliers of laborers in the world need the labor reforms and effective subsidies, not the tussle of blame-game.
India’s largest milk producer with 70% of sugar production has produced holi sweets for the saffron brigade. On the footmarks of present governors and The President, this may prove to be the rath-yatra for next president. With his proven mettle through demonetization and surgical strikes, Modi would again make the country thank the UP verdict with the upcoming authoritative governance plans. The complexities of the desi setup would be hard to matchup with the promises made from Balia to Noida. Time will analyze whether the Pradesh gets its Uttar or the Uttar gets MODIfied. But, the inevitable factor will always be that the crown of Kashi and Aligarh embellish the dilli darbar of raisina hills.
Inshaallah ! UP will be Uttam Pradesh !!
Har Har Modi !!