Trend of Becoming a Pseudo – Intellectual in “Modern” Universities – Delhi and Kolkata


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Nowadays, the trend of becoming a Pseudo-Intellectual is rising day by day. Infact, certain Universities situated in Delhi and West Bengal have been victim to this hollaballo from time to time.

This trend is highly infectious and quite active in Universities that are centrally located in a Single Campus or spreaded over a small region. Universities like JNU, DU, JU are producing such “Intellectuals” in a rate more than effective employable Graduates and Researchers in the country.

From last one year, this trend has seen a massive rise.

The first such recent known case that we saw being overhyped and get mass media attention were the Anti-India Chants in the Campus of Jawaharlal Nehru University. Some students were seen raising slogans against the Union of India : “Bharat Tere Tukde Honge, Insha-allah Insha allah”. That too was a part of procession of group of Kashmiri Students who, with a backing of AISA and SFI, were going to organize a program for mourning the death of Afzal Guru, a terrorist who was convicted for attacking the Indian Parliament in 2001. Disregarding the fact that he faced a fair judicial trail for 12 years before being hanged.

They also raised many anti-India slogans like “Bharat ki Barbadi tak, Jung Rahegi, Jung Rahegi, Kashmir ki Azaadi tak, Jung Rahegi, Jung Rahegi”
‘Go India, Go back” ironically in the university Centrally located in the Capital of India, I.e. New Delhi. The gems that we got from the incident were Umar Khalid, Kanhaiya Kumar, and of course Shehla Rashid.
Some more unsung Intellectuals included a Bengali group headed by Anirban Bhattacharya, who got suspended for six months.

The second one was the Ramjas College Incident, where the same superstars (On Bail) of JNU Anti-India Chants, were invited to talk on some issues and the program was cancelled by college authorities for some reason. The AISA officials got out of hand, outraged and blamed ABVP for this. And then the whole fight, the same media battles, the rants, the media trials took place over that issue. This time the gem we got from the Incident was Gurmeher Kaur , the daughter of Indian Martyr who was murdered by Pakistan, but his daughter let Pakistan off the hook. ‘Pakistan didn’t kill my father, war did’. We still have the afresh memory of that placard.

Anyways, she was already a part of Ram Subramanium’s Group, and had acted for Aman ki Aasha before. She quickly became a “DU student raising her voice against ABVP” and she didn’t fear the student union. She was given so much social media footage that after the three superstars of JNU Incident, she too got her Twitter handle verified and the blue tick was the clear badge of honor she got after becoming a Pseudo-Intellectual. She was trolled by Social Media. That was objectionable and not at all acceptable, but that indeed made a grand contribution towards her fame.

The incidents of Delhi sparked a new ray of hope for the students of Bengal. They too started raising their voice against Union of India in hope for getting a Verified Twitter handle for their leader, but their engines died before they could even turn on the key.

The protests in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, were completely an outrageous attempt to malign the image of Country worldwide. Since the same student organization was behind the protests, the agenda was same too, ‘Azaadi’ of Kashmir, Manipur and eventually Separation of India into numerous parts.
But they failed to gather so much footage and eventually, their attempt became unsuccessful.

Some universities have employed a better way to curb such drama by banning student unions. If reports are to be believed, this is a far better option than Inviting the police to control the hooliganism and vandalism in the campuses.

Recently some new “Intellectuals” have come forward and become vocal on topics which are sensitive to the country, its unity, culture and intactness. They have found new ways to do such horrbile attempts via Social Media Pages, Youtube Channels, Comedy clubs (Seriously!) and alike.

Not a single space in the communication arena is left which is yet untouched by such Intellectuals. Fully flop actors, less famous actresses, unknown producers, suspended police officers, they all are trying to become ‘Intellectuals” to garner attention and become sensation on a third grade news channel.

So much, as if it was a commodity to contribute towards the Raita that being spread in the name of Secularism, Free Speech, Feminism and any issue which has some scope of adding a flavor from their ignored intellect.

I hope a day will come when we’ll see a demand for creation of a separate state for the “Pseudo-Intellectual Personalities” around us. Hopefully , the name will be, “Gyaan Pradesh” or “Intellectualistan”. Hopefully we will have peace and tranquillity on the Social Media then.

Till then,
Jai Hind!
Vande Mataram

Image Courtesy :- India Today