Upcoming Hollywood Movies In 2017



It is often said that everything that comes to settle in India, must turn partially Indianized. Like the tea that is usually consumed with spices and boiled in milk. On the other hand, we sometimes go to a foreign restaurant to eat something exotic!Foreign movies don’t “settle” in India – they are a pastime, not routine. Moreover, trying to make an “Indian” movie means going up against similar Indian genres which the local audiences watch anyway (and presumably have more of than they need). The list below consists of the most successful American movies in India in 2015, does not prove that the films with “Indian” accents are far better. Those on top were typical Hollywood blockbusters. Similarly, if IMDB’s list is to be trusted, the highest grossing American productions in India to date have been:

  1. Fast and Furious 7;
  2. Avatar;
  3. Jurassic World;
  4. Avengers: Age of Ultron;
  5. Spider-Man 3;
  6. 2012;
  7. The Amazing Spider-Man;
  8. Amazing Spider-Man 2;
  9. Life of Pi and
  10. Titanic.

Apart from Life of Pi (and noting the origins of the name Avatar), I don’t see anything particularly “Indian” about these films. The most important reason behind this success is that The makers of a Hollywood movie are more focused on critical acclaim, unlike Bollywood, where a film’s pool in is the touchstone of its success. Hollywood movies are interesting as well as cleverly researched. Just for the point, consider the amount of study that went into making Lincoln. Steven Spielberg did an awesome job. Which Bollywood director would go to such extents to make a movie when he can plaster some unnecessary item songs and forked dialogues, and earn 10 times his investment? People who love Hollywood content is because of the amazing effects, original story line and no unnecessary masala. Everything looks original and many Hollywood movies often have an unexpected ending. People love to watch English TV shows because they are finite. They won’t drag a single story for years. They divide the entire series into seasons and each season has a maximum of 24 episodes. This phenomenon does not let the interest in the series die. There are no unnecessary drama or plastic surgeries. If someone is dead in the show, he or she is actually dead and would not come after a short break either as the same person or another person unless that person is a vampire. Both in movies as well as TV series, villains are not always women with weird looks.

There are a number of Hollywood movies set to be released in 2017. While some films have announced their release dates but haven’t yet started filming them, others are in production but haven’t fixed their release dates. We have brought up the list of Most awaited Upcoming Hollywood Movies of 2017 with their release dates for India. This list is subject to change as it depends on censor certification and producers. At times the release dates of various upcoming Hollywood movies get postponed due to various reasons.


Guardians of Galaxy 2    May 5 2017-       Superhero, Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi


King Arthur         May 12 2017-    Action, Adventure, Epic


Baywatch            May 26 2017-    Comedy

Pirates of the Caribbean 5            May 26 2017-    Action, Adventure, Fantasy

Wonder Woman              June 2 2017-      Superhero, Action, Fantasy

The Mummy      June 9 2017-      Action, Adventure, Horror

Kingsman: The Golden Circle      June 16 2017-                    Action, Adventure

Transformers: The Last Knight    June 23 2017-                    Action, Adventure

Spiderman : Homecoming            July 7 2017-        Action, Superhero, Comedy

War for the Planet of the Apes  July 14 2017-      Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama, Action

The Dark Tower                July 28-                 Action, Fantasy, Adventure

The Emoji Movie              August 4-             Animation, Comedy, Adventure

Baby Driver         August 11-          Comedy, Crime, Action

Stephen King’s It              September 8-    Horror, Fantasy, Drama

American Made                September 29-  Biography, Drama, Thriller

A Bad Moms Christmas November 3-     Comedy

Justice League   Nov 17 2017- Superhero, Action, Fantasy

Star Wars: The Last Jedi December 15-   Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action,  Fantasy

The Greatest Showman                December  25-  Biography, Musical, Drama