Web Series: Rise in era of YOUTUBEing.

Looks like people are tired of the same old Saas-Bahu daily soaps.


Looks like people are tired of the same old Saas-Bahu daily soaps. Or should I say Saas-Bahu -Naagin shows. Now it’s time for some original content and genius creativity. Though it is seen that viewers don’t have the patience to wait for a week or sometimes 15 days to watch their favorite episodes, Binge watching is  a great option folks ! Data availability and good internet connections have contributed immensely in this era of YOUTUBEing. 

The Viral Fever (TVF) has a huge fan base for its out of the box thinking that is seen in their web episodes. Apart from web episodes, another trend is online podcasts. AIB, SNG comedy, EIC again have their own fan bases for their podcasts on various out of the box themes.

So if you are hell bored of the same melodrama, overacting and Saas-Bahu fights; here are some recommendations for you.

  • TVF Pitchers

Four guys. One startup plan. Many obstacles. Pitchers perfectly shows the problems faced by these youngsters while they are working on their startup.


  • TVF Permanent Roommates (Season 01 & 02)

A young and adorable couple in a long distance relationship decides to get married. But is it that simple ?


  • TVF Triplings

Three siblings meet each other after a long time and decide to go on a road trip. They realize how time has changed and share their life problems with each other. Each one is dealing with some crisis !


  • Bang Baaja Baarat

Two familes having absolutely different backgrounds attend the marriage of their kids. Crazy but fun !


  • Baked

Three university flat mates decide to start a midnight food delivery service. A journey full of fun, adventures and bonding.


  • The Aam Aadmi Family

A middle class family consisting of a couple, their two grown up children and grandmother. This one has represented the average Indian family so correctly that you will connect with it immediately.


  • TVF Humorously yours

All of us enjoy watching stand up comedy right ? But ever thought what not it takes for a comedian to be a comedian ? Humorously yours has all the drama behind the comedy.



Sit back, relax and enjoy this sheer creativity !