Now education system in abeyance: Where is West Bengal heading to?

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Reported from a government aided TEHATTA HIGH SCHOOL Uluberia in Howrah district of west Bengal ,in state of dormancy is the future of nearly 2000 odd students as their school is shut down for an undetermined period of time and all the teaching and non teaching staff of the school are asked to log their attendance to another school due to communal tension occurring in the school after the school administration denied to permit a religious programme in the school.


The issue started in November last year when a certain group of students asked for permission from the school administration for the celebration of vishwa nabi diwas (birthday of of Prophet Mohammed) on December 13 2016 under influence of some local religious group. They were denied by the administration, enraged, they on a fateful day, along with the people of the local group entered the school premises and forcefully set up the stage for observing the celebration of nabi diwas on the decided date, which was later  taken down by the school administration. It exasperated the students of the group. Thet threatened the administration that if they were not allowed to celebrate their festival they will not allow the celebration of saraswati puja in school. It resulted in rise in communal tension. Threatened, the administration closed down the school from November 29th calling it for  administrative reason. Since then the school reopened for one week in between and never reopened again. On December 16th, the teacher incharge Mr. Utpal Mallik despatched a letter to district police about the indefinite shut down of the school for the mentioned reason. Later, on 29th January 2017 they received an order from district administration to all the teaching and non teaching staff to record their attendance at BASUDEBPUR RAMKRISHNA VIDYAMANDIR, Basudebpur ,uluberia.


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On February 1st 2017, the students of standard 7th to 12th along with a three feet moorthi of Devi Saraswati formed a group along with their parents to protest for reopening of the school immediately. In response the police surged to lathicharge and firing tear gas shells injuring many students. There was also stone pelting by the students in which two policemen were reported to be minorly injured.

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So much of communal strain building up in the state ,its high time now that central government interrupts the scene as it seems things are beyond control for the the trinamool Congress. 
First it was in Dhulagarh where the Hindu localities were thrown out house. Their house and shops burnt and looted by the local religious fundamentalist group.
Then we got to know about Birbhum village where 300 odd hindu families were denied permission by government to celebrate Durga puja due to few muslim families in the village. It’s consecutive 4 years since they have to walk to another village to celebrate the festival.
It was again on January 23rd 2017 we read about the chunks of alleged beef were thrown inside a hindu temple in Alampur , a locality in kolkata. The recent was this on February 1st.
West Bengal on the brink of cannibalistic anarchy, if not checked now, will be beyond regimentation!