Why motivational speakers are harmful


What is motivation? The dictionary defines motivation as the willingness of action especially in behaviour. In other words, it is the ‘material’ that keeps you going. Tenzing Norgay would not have been able to climb Everest without it, winning uncountable medals would’ve been a tough task for Phelps, homeless kids of Dharavi wouldn’t have travelled hundreds of kilometres away from their slums scavenging for food if they’d lacked the motivation to sleep with a satiated stomach. Whether you want to climb the unconquerable or win a medal at Olympics or want to silent your roaring stomach with some food, motivation is a must. Motivation is the key to open the lock of laziness, the axe that chops down procrastination, a rower which cuts through the waters of apathy and propels us towards the shore of diligence.

People craving for success need to taste motivation first. In today’s world people don’t ‘get’ motivated but we ‘want’ motivation. A person gets motivated after seeing the pathetic living standards of the people of the slums and decides to be a civil servant. Another person wants to be a civil servant for no reason and when his failure in the UPSC looks apparent his nonsensical ambitions give rise to another assortment of people called as motivational speakers who basically sell motivation to people who want it, like in this case the UPSC aspirant, in exchange of some direct or indirect money.

With the rise of the internet, the demand for online motivation is on a remarkable upstream. The motivational speakers basically exploit the misery of under-achievers and garner views by their energetic speeches which sounds really good when heard but rarely works in the long term and thus make easy money on platforms like Youtube.

On such motivational speaker is Mr Sandeep Maheshwari. He is the founder of Imagesbazaar and is deemed to be a successful entrepreneur.

He used to conduct huge seminars in various cities but due to the high expenditure in conducting those seminars he was unable to upload more than one video per month. This resulted in low subscriber count on his Youtube channel which was just over 1,00,000 in November 2015. But after 2015 his plans changed. He must’ve come to know that uploading more videos in short time intervals would increase his subscriber count and thus would cumulate him views making him earn more money. So he started doing small motivational talks in front of a comparatively smaller audience at his office twice a week instead of huge seminars in front of a big audience which was not economically possible for him to do in such short intervals. With the rate of videos being uploaded on his channel going up, the subscribes started flocking in. The subscribers went up to 30,00,000 from 1,00,000 in just over a year and a half and the number of views on his channel multiplied thus enabling him to make more wealth via Youtube. Apart from monetary gains, his fame levels rose too as now he is arguably the most celebrated motivational speaker in Delhi, if not in India.

This is just one of the many shrew tactics that the so-called motivational speakers use to make riches out of our helplessness.

So the debate comes down to- if motivational speakers are not beneficial to be watched, where will we draw motivation from?

The fact to be put frankly is that we don’t need to search for motivation as we search for treasure. Motivation is something which we ‘get’ by accident. Tenzing Norgay, Phelps, or the homeless kids didn’t browse Youtube before climbing the mountains, winning medals or looking for food, do they? They don’t need to hear the motivational speakers because the motivation in their hearts is enough to drive them towards their success.

In case you are wondering why you don’t have anything like that in your heart that drives you towards your success? The answer to this is that you probably don’t even know where your success lies! You need to wait before luck throws something in between your hopeless life that once again ignites the flame of motivation in your heart. With that genuine motivation in your heart, you will never stop until your goals are achieved.