70 years of wait for Electricity in Yajuar, When it will end ?


Imagine you have no fan in 45-degree heat and no cold water to drink. Can you imagine that right now? Even with the rapid urbanization, our major population lives in villages ( rural areas) And If I say some people in their lives have never seen electricity, would you believe it?


If you don’t, you have to.

Yajuar/Jajuar is the biggest village in Muzaffarpur district of Bihar in India and the second largest village in Bihar and has never been electrified since 1947. The icon of Susashan and development Nitish Kumar who has been the CM more than a decade of a poverty stricken state has till now, not able to deliver what he boasts off. The twitter king and most intellect minister Piyush Goyal who has been called the Elon Musk of India has failed to inspect his own work.


When it was reported to the concerned authority. It has been told that in their reports it’s already electrified and that report was sent by the state government to central government. Hence, the blame game got started. But still, after a successful campaign by Mithila State Union members, both the central government and state government are mum.


The new highly uneducated deputy CM who is the son of infamous scamster and politician Mr. Lalu Prasad Yadav has already been at war with journalists. His claims over the development of BIhar in last 2 years has been tremendously shattered by some twitterati journalist who openly caught his lie towards a road project NH 80 near Bhagalpur. Hence nobody expects any good from him.


Jajuar/Yajuar comes under 89-Aurai Assembly Constituency where Sri Surendra Kumar from RJD has won the recent elections may not even know this place also exist.


With mainly agricultural based population who have no facility of proper irrigation just because of no electricity there, many people went to Mumbai and Delhi to do menial jobs.

Talking of GDP, committees, political vendetta and pseudo development nobody is doing any real work to develop this whole state. Those IAS who claim to be a social worker in their UPSC interview just sits in the office in AC with back up generators and meet with politicians to find new ways to turn black into white.


Well, I personally don’t blame these politicians. They are chosen by us only. The party who destroyed everything of Bihar has again won in this election and from this village as well. In Democracy the most powerful person is a common man. But they sell their votes. These villagers only, have chosen these ministers who do not give a damn about their whereabouts. Demanding doesn’t suffice your needs. You have to take the opportunity you get and turn it in favor of yourself. I have seen many places in India, the local population doesn’t go to vote just because there has been no development in their area.


Developing only one place in a state doesn’t make a CM successful. I hope the general population wake up soon and start casting their vote rather than voting their caste.


The so called development icon CM Nitish Kumar and Minister Piyush Goyal must answer to this question asked by the villagers from Yajuar. “Aakhir Kab Tak Aayegi ye Bijli, aur kab mere ghar main bhi tv, fridge aur pankha chalega”